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Solar futureI’ve written about “alternative” power producing before, if we need any further evidence than the recent power outages in South Australia, New South Wales and here in Tasmania’s North West in the past few days, I really struggle with how naive our powers to be are.

Energy future: Darrell Poke believes new types of solar panels could be manufactured locally and provide long-term energy security. Picture: Getty Images.

Again, we have the location (the old Wesley Vale pulp Mill) for the construction of corrugated roofing solar panels and solar window panes (save tying up tracts of land building solar farms).

We have resources to be mined to build panels andwall panel battery storage.

Each home would then become independent (not reliant upon the grid), excess power can feed back into the grid for the larger consumers, and not struggle with bulk power outages.

We could export our expertise (panels and batteries) this would create hundreds, if not thousands of jobs!

I honestly don’t think our politicians are really serious about creating employment, only bleating about it.

Darrell Poke, Ambleside

DangerousThe Hodgman government is committed to providing the best possible health care to North West residents.

Claims of cuts to acute services which continue to be printed are wrong.

We have opened more beds, provided almost $5 million pa to operate the cancer centre and we have done record surgeries, resulting in less people waiting in pain and misery.

Unfortunately, talk by Senator Lambie and some others about closing the Burnie hospital and cancer centre and selling the Mersey does a massive disservice to decent, hardworking coasters – particularly those in the City of Burnie and beyond who would lose their hospital.

This dangerous talk is playing with people’s fears and hurting our chance of getting a long term deal for the Mersey by sending mixed messages to Canberra. People there are asking – do they want a long-term Mersey deal, or not?

The Government is seeking a 10-year funding deal for the Mersey, supported by the region’s leaders, and we will continue to fight tooth and nail for that deal.

Michael Ferguson, Health Minister

No hoonI am far from a hoon Christine Stanton, but I would not have swerved to miss running over your cat either.

To do so, would put myself or others at risk.

There is a simple way to keep your pet safe – keep them confined to your home, or in a cat run.

Kerry Forrest, Burnie

Recycling passionI am passionate about recycling.

Four categories: Recycle, compost, chooks, the rest.

My bins were checked eight months ago.

I got a polite note saying all was OK.

That was very pleasant to get. Thanks.

James Reilly, Forth

SlipperyWhat a misleading headline that would have us believe that pay cuts from double time recommended by the Fair Work Commission is being rejected.

It is pretty rich that that ALP Justine Keay and ALP Anne Urquhart have shouted loud and long about it being ‘unfair’.

It was their noble leader Bill Shorten who faithfully swore that he would support the Fair Work Commission recommendations.

However, forever the hypocrite, Bill has backed down and taken his sedated followers with him. How could he ever be trusted again?

It is not the first time Bill has been slippery, so electors need to be aware of what sort of bloke he is, in case they didn’t know.

Just wait for the next episode.

Marilyn Quirk, Heybridge

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