Kressley leaves the jungle after harrowing 9/11 tale

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American stylist and “the best intruder” Carson Kressley was voted off I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, but not before sharing one last harrowing tale of his life.
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Previously Kressley spoke of growing up gay in Pennsylvania and being fearful about losing the love of his family if he admitted to being bullied for being homosexual.

On Monday’s episode described being in New York during the September 11 attacks and walking the streets with posters of a colleague’s sister, who worked in the Twin Towers, because “that’s what you did”.

“Nobody knew where everybody was and if they made it out, did they go to some hospital in New Jersey, or are they burnt and unrecognisable.

“They never found her. Nothing! So, yeah, like the next couple of days, like, it was just sirens and ambulances and clean-up. And the worst part, like, besides losing people, like everybody in New York knows somebody who died,” he added.

“The worse part is like I remember being – oh, my God, the world is, like, forever changed. Like, I was thinking about my niece who was like five years old, she’s going to have to live in a world where stuff like this happens here at home. Like you think it’s always far away.” The next celebrity leaving camp is… @carsonkressley! #ImACelebrityAUpic.twitter南京夜网/ZNrqtF3hVp??? #ImACelebrityAU (@ImACelebrityAU) March 6, [email protected] oozed confidence and nabbed two stars for camp ???? #ImACelebrityAUpic.twitter南京夜网/WC47Y7QRl7??? #ImACelebrityAU (@ImACelebrityAU) March 6, 2017Who had 1 min in for @nazeem_hussain’s first gag? #GagBingo#ImACelebrityAUpic.twitter南京夜网/WQCKVShYlQ??? #ImACelebrityAU (@ImACelebrityAU) March 6, 2017After three years, we’ve achieved the impossible – a cheeky @Ladyjmo vom ???? #ImACelebrityAUpic.twitter南京夜网/PIISio9Sjq??? #ImACelebrityAU (@ImACelebrityAU) March 6, 2017Welcome to camp, @Sandra_Sully! #ImACelebrityAUpic.twitter南京夜网/Im8jskWanS??? #ImACelebrityAU (@ImACelebrityAU) March 6, 2017You may have missed it, but there was a bit of a stuff up during the Oscars. Here’s how our celebs reacted ???? #ImACelebrityAUpic.twitter南京夜网/xqa7i6GVUY??? #ImACelebrityAU (@ImACelebrityAU) March 6, 2017This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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