Survey ‘less positive’ here

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Patient perspective: Fairfield Hospital scored some one of the most least positive results out of the state’s 61 public hospitals.TheBureau of Health Information publicly released itsPatient Perspectives: Experiences of Maternity Care in NSW Public Hospitalsreport for the first time.The report summarised thesurvey results from 4739women who had a baby in a NSW public hospital in 2015.

Comparatively the South-Western Sydney Local Health Districtreceivedsignificantly less-positive responses than hospitals in Northern Sydney and Southern NSW.

The report revealed that 28 per cent of the mothers who gave birth in South Western Sydney hospitals and 58 per cent of those in Western Sydney hospitals spoke a language other than English at home.

The Bureau’s chief executiveDr Jean-Frederic Levesque confirmed to theChampion that thequestionnaire was only available in English and that a translator was available to participants.

He said the survey would be conducted every two years and he would look at offering it online and in other languages.

“Northern Sydney and Southern NSW are districts where in many aspects the experience of care was better compared to NSW. In contrast we can see that in South Western Sydney the care was not rated as positively by women,” Dr Levesque said.

“The way we are looking at this data is we assess what is the proportion of women that would speak the most positively of their care.

For example we look at the proportion of women that say that health professionals providing anti-natal care always explain things in an understandable way or those that said they were definitely involved about the decisions during labour.

“Whatthe report highlights is when we look at those very positive aspects of care, there was a very lower proportion of women in Fairfield Hospital that said that care was as good as this.”

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FoodCare volunteers ‘shocked and disappointed’ by arson attack

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STOCK SAVED: FoodCare’s Anne Hopwood and Councillor Ron Gander with stock saved from the fire.Anotherfew minutes and 100 families in Orange could have been going without food.

Vandals attacked Glenroi’s Community Centre in Garema Road on Friday night.

The centre is home toFoodCare, Glenroi Community Group, the Mergeprogram and Narcotics Anonymous.

FoodCare is a not-for-profit group which providesdiscounted groceries and free milk and bread to 100 families.

Quick action by Fire and Rescue NSW firefighters meant FoodCare’s stock was saved.

Volunteers were left shaken, shocked and disappointed when they discovered the centre had been damaged.

BURNED: Arsons attacked the Glenroi Community Centre on Friday night. Photo: DECLAN RURENGA

FoodCare’s volunteer co-ordinatorAnne Hopwood said the shop would be open on Tuesday but wouldn’t be offering refreshments.

“We will be open,” she said.

“We are going ahead(Tuesday), we do want to let all our customers know,we now get over 100 people a week, 100 people are relying on us to be open.

“All due to an amazing band of volunteers who just said,‘well let’s do it’.”

A dozen volunteers arrived at 9.30am on Monday tocleanup after the fire.

“It was just shock and disappointment that it had happened and to be met with such a mess and wondering if we’d lost stock,” Mrs Hopwood said.

Volunteers feared they’d lost all the stock which had been ready for those in need.

“When we saw it on Saturday, we agreed to email our volunteers and ask them to come around today and help us clean up,” Mrs Hopwood said.

She said anyone who wanted to make donations could get details fromFoodCare’s website at 苏州美甲美睫培训foodcareorange.org419论坛.

CLEAN UP: TJS Services’ Pablo Gil cleans up the Glenroi Community Centre. Photo: DECLAN RURENGA

Councillor Ron Gander said the arson attack was a “slap in the face”.

He encouraged anyone who knew anything, to share the information with police and Orange City Council.

“For this to happen it sets everyone back a long way but it also has a mental affect on people,” Cr Gander said.

“I would also appeal to the people, you will hear rumours around the place, and this facility is for you and if you hear anything could you please pass it on?”

Council is assessing the damage and expects somemeetings held in the centre wouldbe moved.

Anyone with information can provide it anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Anthrax found in Swan Hill after sheep deaths

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File photoA PROPERTY near Swan Hill has been quarantined after a positive case of anthrax was discovered.

The disease was found after a number of sheep died suddenly.

Agriculture Victoria veterinarians and animal health responding identified anthrax as the cause of death in at least one of thesheep.

Anthrax is caused by a naturally occurring bacteria that is known to occur in the soil in parts ofNorthern Victoria.

It is not unusual for incidents of anthrax to be detected in cattle and sheep in the region.

Incidents commonly occur during the warmer months when it’s drier and the cattle and sheep forage deeper into the soil when eating grass.

A statement from Agriculture Victoria said local farmers, veterinarians and Agriculture Victoria were well prepared to handle these incidents including strict quarantine and biosecurity arrangements, the vaccination of potentially exposed stock and the destruction of the affected animals.

The statement said anthrax does not spread quickly and is not contagious and that there is no health risk to the general public.

Any risk is confined to people who handle dead livestock such as farmers, veterinarians and knackery workers. As a precaution, people from the affected farm are being offered testing.

There is no impact on local produce or food safety.

Anthrax has been recognised in Australia as a cause of sudden death in farm animals, particularly sheep and cattle for more than 150 years.

The last documented case of human anthrax in Victoria was a knackery worker, infected in 2007, who had contact with an infected carcass, developed the cutaneous form of anthrax, was treated and recovered.

The property has been quarantined and there is no further movement restrictions on people orvehicles (including school bus routes).

Farmers are urged to report any cases of unexplained deaths to the 24-hour Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888, to your local vet or to Agriculture Victoria animal health staff.

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Incinerator the hot topic in Sydney’s west

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The time has come for the state government todecidewhether an incinerator will be dumped on residents aroundEastern Creek.

Months of mostly one-sided debate has made the community’s position clear –they don’t want it.

That firm stance has also been echoed by Blacktown Council andlocal state and federal MPs –Mulgoa’s Tanya Davies aside. Penrith Council belatedly threwits weight behind residents last month.

It remains to be seen what the famously developer-friendly government and its planning department choose to do.

Logic would assume the health and safety of residentswould be front and centre in debate during thedecisionprocess, and that would surely send The Next Generation’s proposal up in smoke.

TNG have tried to assure residents that the energy-from-waste plant would not create, or increase, health risks for people living in the area.

Full disclosure -I’m not an environmental scientist, but I’ve followed this story enough to know that there are serious questions raised by the models used in the proposal’s environmental impact statement.

As a country, we need to find a new way of cutting down our unsustainable reliance on landfill.

Energy-from-waste does seem like a good idea –in the right environment. It’s been used in European countries for decades, but experts are now recommendingamove away from that technology.

In the end, wouldn’t it just benice for people power to prevail for once?

It’s thoseresidents living in suburbs likeMinchinbury andErskine Parkwhohave suffered through the almost unbearable smells emanating from waste facilities in Eastern Creek.

The same smellmotorists who use the M4 between St Marys and Blacktown would know all too well.

And it’s those residents who will,through no fault of their own, potentially be putting themselves, and their children, in harms way.

The worth of their homes will also surely plummet once 100-metre-plussmoke stacks are erected one kilometre from their backyards. All the while, the plant’s owners will rake in money bytaking in waste from across the city, as the west’s status as Sydney’s dumping ground is confirmed.

Heath Parkes-Hupton is a reporter with Fairfax Media in north-west Sydney.


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HOLBROOK TRIATHLON | Photos One of the competitors in the Children’s Marathon about to complete the run

The beginning of the Children’s Mini Marathon

The children’s swimming event

Holbrook’s Molly Pitzen

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Peta Wykes and Caroline Stuart

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Alice Bunyan and Shari Willis

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Melinda Harmer, Stephanie Eagle, Steven Pierce, Glen Jarvis and Nadia Mellor all members of the Albury Wodonga Triathlon Club

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners of their event

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners of their event

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Bike and swim completed, competitors then do the run

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Brothers Sam [11] and Toby [9] Kane from Albury

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their events

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|A competitor about to entre the swimming part of the triathlon

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|The start of the Children’s Mini Marathon

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their events

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Isaac and Tadhg Scholz from Holbrook

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Zoe, Mia and Jed Reichel from Table Top with their dog Tom

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Shalayla Wheeler [14] with Alana [6], Tadhg [10], Neve 8] and Isaac Scholz [1] from Holbrook

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their event

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Caitlin Kotzur, Bron Aplin, Louise Kotzur and Julie McRae

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Jed Davis, Tadhg Scholz and Eli Day with Levi

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their event

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their event


HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Sisters Charli [5] and Sophia [5] Hall from Wagga Wagga

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their event

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|A competitor finish’s the bike section and is about to do the swim

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Siblings Max [7], Fletcher [6] and Matilda [8] Walsh from Albury were happy to have competed in the event

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their event

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners Max Davis, Jack Hulme and Alex Roach

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON| George Mackinlay and Ryan Miller, Ryan won the Bruce Mackinlay Memorial Sheild

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|A competitor in the Men’s Open

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Competitors on the final leg of the triathlon

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their event

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their event

HOLBROOK TRIATHLON|Winners in their event

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