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Solar futureI’ve written about “alternative” power producing before, if we need any further evidence than the recent power outages in South Australia, New South Wales and here in Tasmania’s North West in the past few days, I really struggle with how naive our powers to be are.

Energy future: Darrell Poke believes new types of solar panels could be manufactured locally and provide long-term energy security. Picture: Getty Images.

Again, we have the location (the old Wesley Vale pulp Mill) for the construction of corrugated roofing solar panels and solar window panes (save tying up tracts of land building solar farms).

We have resources to be mined to build panels andwall panel battery storage.

Each home would then become independent (not reliant upon the grid), excess power can feed back into the grid for the larger consumers, and not struggle with bulk power outages.

We could export our expertise (panels and batteries) this would create hundreds, if not thousands of jobs!

I honestly don’t think our politicians are really serious about creating employment, only bleating about it.

Darrell Poke, Ambleside

DangerousThe Hodgman government is committed to providing the best possible health care to North West residents.

Claims of cuts to acute services which continue to be printed are wrong.

We have opened more beds, provided almost $5 million pa to operate the cancer centre and we have done record surgeries, resulting in less people waiting in pain and misery.

Unfortunately, talk by Senator Lambie and some others about closing the Burnie hospital and cancer centre and selling the Mersey does a massive disservice to decent, hardworking coasters – particularly those in the City of Burnie and beyond who would lose their hospital.

This dangerous talk is playing with people’s fears and hurting our chance of getting a long term deal for the Mersey by sending mixed messages to Canberra. People there are asking – do they want a long-term Mersey deal, or not?

The Government is seeking a 10-year funding deal for the Mersey, supported by the region’s leaders, and we will continue to fight tooth and nail for that deal.

Michael Ferguson, Health Minister

No hoonI am far from a hoon Christine Stanton, but I would not have swerved to miss running over your cat either.

To do so, would put myself or others at risk.

There is a simple way to keep your pet safe – keep them confined to your home, or in a cat run.

Kerry Forrest, Burnie

Recycling passionI am passionate about recycling.

Four categories: Recycle, compost, chooks, the rest.

My bins were checked eight months ago.

I got a polite note saying all was OK.

That was very pleasant to get. Thanks.

James Reilly, Forth

SlipperyWhat a misleading headline that would have us believe that pay cuts from double time recommended by the Fair Work Commission is being rejected.

It is pretty rich that that ALP Justine Keay and ALP Anne Urquhart have shouted loud and long about it being ‘unfair’.

It was their noble leader Bill Shorten who faithfully swore that he would support the Fair Work Commission recommendations.

However, forever the hypocrite, Bill has backed down and taken his sedated followers with him. How could he ever be trusted again?

It is not the first time Bill has been slippery, so electors need to be aware of what sort of bloke he is, in case they didn’t know.

Just wait for the next episode.

Marilyn Quirk, Heybridge

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Over the moon with 100pts

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SUNDAY’S opening day for the 2017 golfing season was a success with 13 teams lining up for this event.

Winners with a great score of 100 points went to the Moons, Phil, Julie, Matt and Adam Randall.

Juliewas the main contributor with a great score on the par three third hole with a birdie two for five points.

The other three boys also contributed occasionally to the score.

Runners-up with 98 points with to father and son Juzzy and Tom combining with Matt Perry and John Doidge.

Third went Mark and Jordan Ballard, Paul Meale and Wayne Lange with 97 points on a countback.

Above three groups won balls as did Bruce and Tim Carberry, Steve Johnson and David Hume with 97.

Paul, Lach, Mitch and Anthony Deep with 95 points.

Nearest the pins went to Julie Moon on the third, Julie Jenkins on five, Scott Millar on nine, Mitch Deep on 12 and Paul Meale on 16.


SATURDAY’S monthly medal sponsored by Beddies Pharmacy saw Kevin Sutcliffe taking out the guzzler’s mug and also the C grade medal with a score of 63 net.

A grade went to Simon Lienesch with a 67 net from Chesh who also took out the scratch ball with 67 net.

B grade went to Neville Potter with an excellent score of 66 net (81 off the stick). Jim Bunworth won the runner-up ball with his 68 net.Runner-up in C-grade went to Brian O’Malley with his 70 net also winning the scratch ball with 93 off the stick.

Balls went to the above golfers as well as David Hume, Steve Johnson 70, Geoff Manwaring and Larry O’Keefe both on 71 on a countback.

Nearest the pins went to Larry O’Keefe on three, Geoff Byrne on nine and Wayne Loiterton on 16.


A BIG event coming up on March 25 and 26 is the South West Fuels four-ball aggregate stableford over two days.


JUNIOR Golf: All junior golf will start again on Tuesday, March 14 at 4pm.

It is important to note that junior golfers must be eight years and over to participate.

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Weaner steers make 400.6c at Gracemere

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The majority of the cattle were from local areas with some coming from Eidsvold in the south to Cloncurry in the north and most points in between.

A yarding of 4284 head were on offer on March 3 at Gracemere sale, comprising 1786 steers, 1793 heifers, 452 cows, 152 cows and calves and 57 bulls.

The majority of the cattle were from local areas with some coming from Eidsvold in the south to Cloncurry in the north and most points in between. Overall quality and condition was good, with very few drought affected lines on offer.

Still, competition was limited from the buying gallery due to the dry conditions we are experiencing, therefore the market eased across all descriptions.

Slaughter steers topped 292.2c/kg to average262.6c, steers400-500kg made297.2c to average279.2c, steers300-400kg hit358.2c to average291.1c, steers200-300kg sold to 500c to average315.4c, whilethose under200kg made 400.6c to average304.2c.

Slaughter cows sold to258.2c/kg to average218.2c, cows400-450kg made249.2c to average224.1c, cows320-400kg sold to259.2c to average197.8c whlle cows under 320kg topped 160.2c to average94.3c.

Heavy heifers rose 4c/kg to make277.2c to average255.6c, heifers300-400kg topped280.2c to average260.3c, those200-300kg sold to304.3c to average260.9c, and heifers under 200kg made300.2c to average312.7c.

Cows and Calves sold to$1550 to average$1095.

Bulls over 600kg sold to229.2c to average218.1c,450kg-600kg made250.2c to average208.9c and those under 450kg topped272.2c to average203.3c.

HIGHLIGHTSAW Takashige, Taroom, sold EU, No.6, Brahman cross heifers for a top of 304.2c to average 243kg to return $869.

Creed Grazing Co, Raglan, sold EU, No.5 Brahman heifers to average 258c for 352kg to return $910.

Charelvue Cattle Co, Dingo, sold No.6 Brangus steers for 358c for average weight of 326kg to return $1170.

Montrose Grazing Co, Marlborough, sold No.5 Brahman steers for 302c weighing 360kg to return $1087.

EM&RF Bella, Nebo, sold Brangus steers for 320c weighing 319kg returning $1021.

Bezuma Past Co, sold a run of Brahman cross steers to top 288c to average 455kg for a return of $1242.

Alchera Pty Ltd, Baralaba, sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $1500/unit.

Kenwill Holdings, Stanage Bay, sold No.5 Brangus cross steers for 294c weighing 421kg returning $1240.

Redbank Cattle Co, Morinish, sold Droughtmaster, No.4 heifers to top at 258c weighing 484 kg to return $1251.

Heather Murray, sold steers to a top of 378c weighing 206kg to return $781. They all sold a potential show quality steer to top at $500c to return $1060.

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Bay 12s and 16s on fire in finals

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File picture.

Batemans Bay under 12s have reached the grand final of the Shoalhaven District Junior Cricket competition after a hard-fought 17-run victory over Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen’s Club.

With the semi-final reduced by bad weather to a one-day match, Bay won the toss and decided to bat.

Opener Mark Tuckwell (16) got Bay off to a good start beforehe was unfortunately run out. Shoalhaven used the momentum to takeregular wickets andrestrict the scoring.

In-form captain Lachlan Malcolm played one of his most valuable innings of the season to top score with a match high 21 as Bay were dismissed for 98 in the 30thover.

In reply Shoalhaven made a good start, keeping up with the required run rate and not losing a wicket until the 14thover when Noah Reid broke through.

Economical spells from Malcolm (6 overs for 5 runs), Tuckwell and Luke Gallen then tied Shoalhaven down before James McMillan produced a match-winning spell of 3 for 4 as Shoalhaven finished their 30 overs at 7 for 81.

In the field Kye Forrest was Bay’s best as he executed two run-outs as well as taking a catch.

Bay now meet Berry-Shoalhaven Heads in this coming weekend’s grand final in what should be a tightly fought contest between two evenly matched teams who each only lost one match (to each other) throughout the season so far.

Under 16sThe U16ssemi between Batemans Bay and Bay and Basinwas also reduced toa one-dayer (30 overs) on Sunday due to torrential rain on Saturday.

Batemans Baybowled first and with some great bowling from Jordan Macpherson (2/9 off 5) and Dylan Art (3/13 off 4) along with twoquickstumpings by wicket keeper Ryan Hall, theyhad Bay and Basin all out for 84 in the 30th over.

Batemans Bay took to the crease and afterthe loss ofa few quick wickets, Ryan Hall (21) and Mackenzie Clack (10)settled the innings.

Dylan Art (20 not out) and Jordan Macpherson (5 not out) saw the innings out with a heart-stopping finish with Batemans Bay making the target score in the 28th over.

This win has Batemans Bay heading into the grand final against Bomaderry at Nowra next weekend.

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Guards under fire

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Two security guards will never work at Camden Hotel again after a video of a fight went viral on Saturday night.

The video showedtwo men starting a fight in the car park –located at the back of the hotel –while the two security guards stoodback and watched. After a few seconds several men become involved and three guards came from another part of the venue to break them up.

Camden Hotel licensee Andrew Valciukas said he was “completely disgusted” by the video.

“The two guards are no longeremployees of the hotel,” he said.

“Our responsibility is to protect our patrons and the venue. The video is pretty damning, they didn’t attempt to intercede until three more guards arrived.”

Mr Valciukas said one of the males involved in the fight was kicked out of the hotel andthe other group had comefrom another local venue.

He said security guards were expected to intervene before the fight had escalated.

“It is a bit of a grey area and it is arguable that it is not the venue’s responsibility [as the fight was outside the premises], but that is not how we see it,” he said.

“That is why management has had such a strong response. Management are aghast by the way these security guards conducted themselves –that behaviour is not in keeping with our expectations.

“The issue is ongoing as we are still in discussions with our security company.”

Camden pubs and clubs also have a policy in placewhich allows them to ban people from multiple venuesfor offences including fighting.

Police were called to the Camden Hotel at 10.40pm on Saturday night by staff.

Camden crime manager Detective Inspector Jayne Dougherty said police located a group of people who said they had been the victim of an assault near Argyle Street.

“Police will review the footage of the fight and if they can identify the people involved they will be charged with affray and violent disorder,” she said.

“We were disappointed to hear the cheers and comments people were making in the video telling them to fight.

“We have seen young people killed during fights –sometimes after one punch.”

The crime manager urged people to be responsible for themselves and look after their mates on nights out.

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